Chakra Regenboog Kaars met Aromatische Etherische Olie

This candle is specially made to create a Peace and Harmony atmosphere. The candle is decorated with 7 Chakra symbols representing the 7 coloured layers of stearin. 

Besides it being very inspirational and decorative it is also extremely good value for money as this candle will burn for as long as 100 hours. As the candle is sheltered inside a glass container it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It will burn itself out in its holder and leave no wax residue.

With the candle comes a guide to Chakras in English, German and Dutch.

Each layer of the candle represents its own Chakra, therefore has its own colour  :


  • Red, Chakra 1 (Muladhara)

  • Orange, Chakra 2 (Swadhishthana)

  • Yellow, Chakra 3 (Manipura)

  • Green, Chakra 4 (Anahata)

  • Blue, Chakra 5 (Vishudda)

  • Indigo, Chakra 6 (Ajna)

  • Purple, Chakra 7 (Sahasrara)

   The fragrance for this candle is Honeysuckle and Cedar.

Each candle measures approximately 21×6.5cm (8.25×2.5 inch) and weighs approximately 800 grams.(860 grams including packaging)

The candle is produced out of 100 % stearin or palm wax and includes 3% pure essential oils (Honeysuckle & Cedar). Stearin is a renewable resource that always can be replanted. It makes the candle burn very clean and smokeless. The wick used is pure cotton. As a result you will have a very steady bright flame and no waste-product as the candle burns itself out. The candle is paraffin free. It has no metal-lead or zinc-contents. Neither has it any animal derived ingredients.


Chakra Regenboog Kaars met Aromatische Etherische Olie


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