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These incense sticks are produced following the ancient Vedic teachings and prompt deep as well as positive vibrations in the environment. Chakras are a part of the human subtle energy system. The Chakra System embodies the energy we use to live, love, work, play, study, meditate and all our daily activities. Each Chakra is linked to specific areas of the brain and parts of the body.
The Chakra System is of basic importance to our well-being. Everything will run smoothly when it is balanced but one unbalanced chakra or more will affect our body and mind till it degenerates and leads to complex diseases.We can rebalance a stressed situation only if we identify the stressed or unbalanced Chakra. There are many places you are able to get an assessment.
This Muladhara Incense is linked to the base of the spine.

Incense Ingredience: honey, resins, essential oils, vegetable oils, fine wood dust and medicinal herbs
This product is free from all synthetics
Sold as a pack of 8 Incense Sticks
Burning time of each Incense stick: 45 – 60 minutes 
Each pack weighs approximately 30 grams


Chakra Wierook 4e Chakra / Hart of Anahata


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