Aura Soma Self-discovery through color. Vicky Wall ( engelstalig) +

pocket Aura Soma  van Ronald Schweppe en en Aljoscha Schwarz. ( nederlandstalig) 

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Aura-Soma is an innovative approach to soul therapy that relies on bottles of dual-colored liquids that incorporate plant extracts, essential oils, and the energies and extracts of precious and semiprecious stones.
The energetic properties found in the liquids interact with the individual’s aura to help support equilibrium in the body, mind, and spirit.
The practice of Aura-Soma was developed by Vicky Wall, who drew upon the mystical traditions of the Kabbalah and the medicinal and healing qualities of living plants that she learned from her father.
Clairvoyant from childhood, she was able to perceive the subtle energies surrounding an individual.
As an adult, this clairvoyant ability was amplified as her physical sight diminished and was eventually lost.
Having been an apprentice to a pharmacist in an earlier phase of her life, her understanding of the significance of combining substances resurfaced as she created the first dual-colored Equilibrium bottle
At first she did not know the significance of what she had discovered, but it soon became clear that the oils, extracts, and essences contained in these bottles had remarkable qualities to facilitate perception and self remembering.





Aura Soma Self-discovery through color + Aura Soma pocket


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